Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Finished my maths exam today at 10:30 and since I had the rest of the day off I decided to get the train to Preston to search for a small flock of Waxwings which had been reported the past couple of days. The snow was falling as I stepped off the train in Preston, luckily the area the birds had been sighted in was only a 2 minute walk from the station and it didn't take long for the unmistakable trilling call of the Waxwings. I quickly located 6 of them sitting atop a tree on the junction with Corporation Street and Ring Way with a pair of Mistle Thrush, before they flew down and started to feed in a line of trees still fully laden with red berries. The light was terrible and they refused to come down to the lower berry clumps hence the shots I managed are reasonable but not great. After about 10 minutes watching these beautiful birds they took off trilling loudly and headed north-east and seemed to come down somewhere near Victoria Street (a favoured area for them) however a quick search there couldn't locate them so they may have continued to another part of the city. On the way home the train briefly stopped at Kirkham station and from my seat I could see a Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Coal Tit in the adjacent wood.


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